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EXOGROUP launches adnovation to further expand into monetizing premium quality digital entertainment

By Anna Quiroga

May 16, 2024

Barcelona, 16th of May 2024. EXOGROUP, the digital technology enterprise business group, today announced the launch of adnovation. adnovation is a leading digital entertainment creation, licensing, promotion and monetization business focusing on various verticals within the Ed-Tech, Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Entertainment sectors. Formerly known as MobileCashOut and founded in 2007, adnovation has expanded its services from being a mobile content provider and distributor, to creating high-value digital products across all devices. adnovation currently produces and distributes its content to +13M users across 25 markets, operating in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

adnovation develops its innovative B2C membership based entertainment products following 3 main guiding principles:

  • Creating unbeatable UX to offer end users immersive entertainment and learning experiences.

  • Generating sustainable value for premium quality products and content.

  • Developing close working relationships with industry leading payment providers, robust anti-fraud security solutions and world-class advertising partners. 

adnovation’s in-house team of experts are focused on maximizing gains across digital marketing channels. Business Intelligence is used for data analysis of product performance and user interaction, which is then converted into strategic business decisions. This ensures that adnovation can provide the industry with in-demand products and valuable digital content. adnovation collaborates with household name brands including Disney, Marvel, and many others to supply premium content across its popular verticals. By developing solutions to support the scalability of each project, this has led adnovation to be able to sustainably grow each of the company's business sectors. 

In order to reach growing audiences, adnovation’s in-house team of marketing and advertising experts manages SEM, Social and and Programmatic campaigns, working with industry leading partners including Google Ads, Meta Ads, Smadex and Taboola.

Thibaud Hoboday, Managing Director of adnovation commented, “Since the company was created in 2007, we have been constantly evolving and expanding to meet market trends and end user demand. So we needed to build a new identity that was more fitting to our growing areas of expertise, and which encompassed the new direction of our company. Our previous branding as MobileCashOut (or MCO) was developed to represent our mobile based affiliation products. However, now our offer has expanded across all devices, GEOs, services, products, verticals and promotion models. In fact, back in 2017 we eliminated affiliation partnerships from our distribution channels and began launching in-house digital promotional campaigns. All of this has created the need to find a new brand personality that is no longer just focussed on mobile. Therefore MobileCashOut doesn’t say who and we are anymore. This is why we have developed a brand new identity renaming ourselves as adnovation.”

Hoboday continued, “We have become experts in several promotion and sales strategies offered by our advertising partners, and we are constantly researching and working to innovate and stay one step ahead of the market, especially when it comes to our offerings, marketing strategies, user experience and data analysis. Equally, we have big plans to continue expanding into new markets across the world, aiming to build further relationships with relevant advertising partners, and bringing our services to more end users globally. This is all thanks to our advanced market data analysis and generation capabilities and now, our new brand identity. This has been made possible by the support of the resources and joint business expertise of the EXOGROUP companies, which allows synergy and provides shared resources to help us reach our full potential for growth.”

For further press information giles@exogroup.com

Note to editors:  adnovation, formerly MobileCashOut, was acquired by EXOGROUP in 2014. EXOGROUP builds and invests in innovative tech projects, maximizing the synergies between each business enterprise. 


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